Mission and objective

Creating competitive advantages and business development opportunities for our customers, whilst offering a great place to work for our employees.

Our mission is to offer business-critical and customised system solutions and services to exchanges, clearinghouses, banks, brokerages and other finance industry players, which requires high standards of quality, reliability and performance.

We aim to continuously develop innovative, competitive and high-quality solutions that open new business opportunities for our customers.

We focus on continued growth by attracting more customers, strengthening customer relationships in the traditional market segment and by expanding our customer base in specific business areas.

The industry continues to face a variety of technological challenges where the Cinnober Group will continue to be a key partner. We are following our original concept to deliver great technology with superior quality while having fun building our company.

- Peter Lenti, Executive Director and co-founder

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Powerful technology solutions and services for e.g. exchanges, clearinghouses, banks and brokers - we help firms differentiate themselves from the competition, improve and explore new business opportunities and comply with changing market demands and regulations.