The Group at a Glance

Cinnober provides world-class trading and clearing technology to marketplaces and clearinghouses globally. We have deployed our technology on all six continents and are a supplier of core solutions to some to the world’s most well-renowned names in the industry. 

Now a part of Nasdaq

On the 10th of January, Cinnober Group was acquired by Nasdaq. This is a winning combination we believe will deliver superior technological solutions to our clients and new opportunities for our employees. Read more >


Key facts





 *Sept 2018: Representing some 40 different nationalities

Part of Nasdaq

The Cinnober Group is now a part of Nasdaq. 

Geographic markets

Addressing all continents with most of the product portfolios within the Group.

Net sales

349 MSEK (2017)

Business area: Cinnober

Trading and clearing technology for exchanges and clearinghouses.

Business area: Simplitium

Reporting and transparency services for banks and brokers. Risk management services for insurance firms.

Business area: Minium

Cloud-based post-trade risk and clearing for international banks and brokerages.

Business area: Market Surveillance

Three significant investments in entities active in the growing space of surveillance, monitoring and analytics solutions for banks, brokerages, exchanges and regulators.


A leading group in the hybrid world of finance and technology providing the markets with mission-critical solutions for trading, clearing, risk management and reporting for the financial industry and related segments.

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Powerful technology solutions and services for e.g. exchanges, clearinghouses, banks and brokers - we help firms differentiate themselves from the competition, improve and explore new business opportunities and comply with changing market demands and regulations.